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Norfolk dulcimer players to research



Jimmy Barton - Norwich

Frank Read remembered Jimmy Barton from the 1930s, when he was probably in his seventies. He lived near the old Bullard’s Brewery in Norwich, near the river and had a leather case with two straps that went over his shoulders, so he carried it upside-down on his back. He wore a trilby hat, and travelled by bus with the dulcimer, and Frank remembers him trudging through the snow with it on his back. He was a ‘speedy player’ and could play for hours, all by ear, songs like ‘Nelly Dear’.



Chucky Whall  (real name unknown) - Norwich

Known by this nickname because he wore a choker round his neck. Mr Scott remembers him busking in Waterloo Rd, Norwich in the 1920s. He used to set up the dulcimer on a stand outside Knights the bakers and then collected around the shops. The informant thought that he played with two sticks in each hand and that the canes were wrapped round with velvet.


One of his sons was Chokey Robertson, a southern lightweight champion boxer. He told the informant that his father had played in the Royal Albert Hall.



James Ellis - Norwich

Photograph in Stanger's Hall Museum, Norwich
















James Caston - Forncett St Peter



Mr Clark - Dickleburgh



Billy Colk - Little Plumstead



Harry Dearing - Norwich



Gerald Dove - East Dereham



Henry Edwards - Norwich



Elijah Ely - Wymondham



Lucy Ann Grimes - Cley-next-the-Sea



Cyril Loynes – Erpingham
Grandson of Lucy Ann Grimes – Cley-next-the-Sea



Harcourt Harmer - Ingham



John Harwood - Yarmouth



Arthur Lusher - Diss



Maisie Martin - Brockdish



Alfred Quantrell - Norwich



John Rose - Norwich



Albert Sadler - East Dereham



Mark Widdows - Norwich








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