East Anglian Dulcimers   

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Billy Bennington said he had seen about three made by Marshall, they were big, with brass corners along the side and bottom and the strings all wound wire on the bottom end. He called them ‘cabinet made’ instruments, implying they were of good quality.

There was a whole family of Marshalls, Joseph Edward (1833-1911) and three sons, all of whom worked as wood carvers or cabinet makers in Norwich for at least part of their lives. Joseph had been born and brought up in the same area as Mark Widdows, another superb dulcimer maker. As for his three sons, the most likely candidates are Arthur, a cabinet-maker (1862-1929) or William, a wood carver (1875-1955) although Walter (1877-1950) also worked as a wood carver until going into the pub trade and then becoming a general shopkeeper.




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