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Frederick Muskett (1871-1950)



‘Dulcimers (Full Compass) in good condition. Complete with case. For Sale, Cheap. – F. Muskett, 148 Magdalen Gates, Norwich’ appeared in the Eastern Evening News in 1891, (28.1.1891).


It’s not entirely clear whether this is one or more than one (implying a maker) for sale.


At that address in 1891 were two Fred Musketts, father and son. The son, aged 19 when the advert was placed, was described as a coach-builder, but within the next few years he became an organ-builder, a craft he pursued for the rest of his working life.


So it looks as if Frederick John Muskett (1871-1950) is the person concerned, and that he was making dulcimers for sale in 1891.




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