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Recordings of Billy Cooper


Cover pictureTSCD607 'English Country Music'

Billy Cooper (dulcimer), Walter Bulwer (fiddle), Daisy Bulwer (piano) & Reg Hall (melodeon)





Tracks which include Billy Cooper:


Track 1 Jenny Lind  /The Girl I Left Behind Me
Track 2 The Waltz Vienna
Track 5 Red Wing
Track 7 Dulcie Bell (dulcimer solo)
Track 11 The Cliff Hornpipe
Track 12 The Bluebell Polka
Track 16 The Yarmouth Hornpipe introducing The Four-Hand Reel &The Sailor's Hornpipe (dulcimer solo)
Track 17 The Helston Furry Dance
Track 19 The Foggy Dew /The Sailor Cut Down in His Prime
Track 22 Wheels (dulcimer solo)
Track 24 Washing Day /Old Mrs Huddledee /The Keel Row
Track 26 The Irish Washerwoman /Garryowen /Rory O' More: St. Patrick's Day (dulcimer solo)
Track 27 The Four-Hand Reel /Soldier's Joy



VTDC12CD 'I thought I was the only one'

Dulcimer playing in East Anglia

Archival recordings & a film of Billy Bennington




Track 17. Soldierís Joy /Girl I Left Behind Me /Breakdown
Track 18. Dulcie Bell
Track 19. Believe Me, If All Those Endearing Young Charms
Track 20. Isle of Innisfree
Track 21. Old Towler
Track 22. Perfect Cure
Track 23. Post Horn Gallop
Track 24. Hingham Waltz


VT150CD Heel & Toe

Billy Cooper (dulcimer), Walter Bulwer (fiddle), Daisy Bulwer (piano) & Edna Wortley (banjo)






Tracks which include Billy Cooper:

Track 4. Yarmouth / Sailorís /Yarmouth Hornpipes
Track 16. Dulcie Bell  (dulcimer solo)
Track 18. Unidentified Polka



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