East Anglian Dulcimers   

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Recordings of Reg Reader


VTDC12CD 'I thought I was the only one'

Dulcimer playing in East Anglia

Archival recordings & a film of Billy Bennington





Track: 31. Oscar Woods’ Polka /Oh Joe the Boat’s Going Over
Track: 32. Oscar’s Waltz
Track: 33. Lazy Bones /Ain’t Misbehaving
Track: 34. Cat Among the Tails
Track: 35. My Happiness /China Doll
Track: 36. Devil Amongst the Tailors
Track: 37. South of the Border
Track: 38. The Palm Trees of Kerry /Two Lovely Black Eyes /Charlie Philpot’s Waltz



OH1CD The Old Hat Concert Party

Track 6. In the shade of the old apple tree /Are we to part like this Bill? /There's a lovely lake in London (with Adrian Turner - piano)

Plus 8 ensemble tracks with melodeon, fiddle, piano, mouthorgan, banjo and percussion.



OH2CD The Old Hat Dance Band

14 ensemble tracks with melodeon, fiddle, concertina, piano, banjo and percussion.



OH3CD Katie's Quartet

15 ensemble tracks with melodeon, cello and banjo.





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