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Elijah Ladbrooke (1879-1948)


Billy Bennington mentioned a player called Elijah Ladbrooke, and also said another of the family, with the surname Dunnell, played. He has now been identified as Albert Dunnell, Elijah’s half-brother, (1887-1941) who kept the Horse and Groom in Colton from 1922 to 1929.

Elijah Ladbrooke was born on 6th February 1879 to Harriet and Robert Ladbrooke, but Robert died a year later and Harriet remarried John Henry Dunnell. Elijah kept his father’s surname but had several stepbrothers and sisters by the name of Dunnell. Elijah trained as a blacksmith before joining his stepfather as a horse-shoe maker in the village of Colton, where John Henry was also the licensee of the Horse and Groom from 1888 to 1916. The pub was later taken on by his sons Albert and John in the 1920s and 30s and this may well have provided a friendly place for Elijah to play his music, although by 1911 he was living in Honingham, where in later life, he ran a garage – a common move for blacksmiths in country villages. His final address was given as ‘The Blacksmith’s House’ in Honingham according to probate records from 1949.

In 1902, Elijah married Laura Dennis and they had one daughter, Ursula known as Ula, born in 1906. Residents of the village of Mattishall recalled that Laura used to play the piano and the two of them would travel to village halls on a motorbike and side-car, together with the dulcimer and their daughter, to play for whist drives and dances. In 2008, the instrument was still with a family member in nearby Mattishall, and one of Elijah’s great grandsons, Perry Youngs was interested in it and taken it to Billy Bennington in about 1980 for restringing, but he had never taken it up and since moved to the USA.

Elijah Ladbrooke died on 27th December 1948 and people remember him playing in the 1940s.


Elijah Ladbrooke's dulcimer

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Photo descriptions & sources

Main photos:  Elijah Ladbrooke 1927 (from family)

Elijah Ladbrooke's daughters wedding 1927 (family)

a. Elijah Ladbrooke's dulcimer front (John Howson)

b. Elijah Ladbrooke's dulcimer back (JH)

c. Elijah Ladbrooke's dulcimer profile  (JH)

d. Elijah Ladbrooke's dulcimer stand  (JH)

e. Elijah Ladbrooke's dulcimer sound hole  (JH)

f. Elijah Ladbrooke's dulcimer sound hole 2  (JH)

g. Elijah Ladbrooke's dulcimer bridges  (JH)

h. Elijah Ladbrooke's dulcimer beaters  (JH)

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